UFO is your personal custodian, it not just warns through the alarm but it stops the theft physically.

Thanks to its sensor, UFO automatically detects break-in and it creates immediately thick fog that prevent thieves from seeing and acting. To make it happens you only have to activate UFO (through the remote control or through the app) and it will be ready to go off.

The remote control is bi-directional in order to have a total control. When you get out of a place that is protected by UFO, you only have to push the button on the remote control and UFO will be active. To disable it, you have to push the other button that appears in the remote control and UFO will be switched off.
The proof of activation and deactivation is given by a led on the remote control together with its vibe.

Built-in sensor is volumetric with a double technology, this ensure the absence of interferences, malfunction and false alarms. Once UFO is enabled, if the sensor notices some movements it will start work and to dispense thick fog.

The fog that is dispensed from UFO is made up of alcohol and dietary glycol. The fog is certified and non-toxic for people and animals. In order to remove the fog, you have just to aerate the place and it will vanish without traces in more or less thirty minutes. The fog is not humid, it does not leave any remains and it does not ruin furniture, electrical and electronic equipment.

The backup battery guarantees the operation of UFO even in the event of disruption of electricity

The 110db alarm go off in order to increase the impenetrable effect.

The telephone dialler warns you in the case of infraction.


UFO is the only auto-installing mist-forming device: this means that you can install it by yourself without a technical help.Let’s discover what is in the box.

1. Choose the position.

Steer UFO in the internal part of the place and not towards the door

The sensor will observe 90° degrees ahead of it.

Recommended height 1,80 meters off the ground.

2. Plug it in

Connect UFO with an electrical socket

3. Activate UFO

Activate and deactivate UFO through the app or using the remote control.

Complete equipment for every need!


Volumetric detector with double technology

Remote control

Telephone dialler

7 hours of backup battery

110 Db alarm

Remote assistance

Smartphone app control

Avaiable colours:

Charcoal Black

You can download the UFP APP in any smartphone and it gives you the remote control.


Robbery kit

It consist in an additional remote control that permits you to control the emission of the fog if necessary. It can be positioned everywhere in your place and it can be used whenever you want and whatever the condition of UFO

Mini UFO

It can be connected to any UFO Premium and it is an actual second UFO that is controlled together with the first one. UFO Mini can cover up to 40 meters, it has its detector and it can work without electricity.