Who We Are

We are a young company made up of young people.
We believe in technology, innovation and useful ideas.
Our production site is close to Treviso.
We design, we test! We design all our products in Italy since we believe that it could be a real added value.

Our strengths?

Products reliability, on-time delivery and strong post-sales assistance, which ensure solutions in a short time.

What is UFO?

UFO was born from the in-depth study of the best technologies on the market, with the aim of creating a product that was the real ultimate solution against theft. An extremely innovative product, which not only alarmed but acted to stop the thief physically.

The coolest thing?

Surely it is that it can directly manage the end customer without having to depend on the installer.

Post-sales assistance

You will never stay without protection! Even if there will be a problem that requires the intervention of the headquarters.
Indeed, we provide a replacement device that will keep you and your place safe, while we are working on your out-of-order device.