Gianluigi Tobacco Shop - Torino

I have a little tobacco shop on the center of Torino and after the umpteenth theft I decide to install a mist-forming. I analyzed various models and I chose UFO because it is auto-installing and independently. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the remote control is very easy to use.


DAnte Optical Shop - Roma

The first time we have been subject to a theft we did not have any protection, so we bought and alarm system. But they entered for the second time hence we decide for UFO, the mist-forming. Finally, at the third time they were not able to steal anything and they went away with only a pair of glasses.

I recommend it to all of you.

Rossi Tobacco Shop – Cesena

Since a lot of time we have searched for an alarm system that was easy to install and that can really stop thieves. We found all of this in UFO: easy to use and without false alarms. We made some tries and we saw by our self how impenetrable the fog is.
A big thanks to White, we feel very safe now!

Ge.Ma. – Maniscalco Jeweller

We are finally sure to have done our best for us and for our jeweller. We noticed that normal alarm systems did not work anymore and we needed more and real security. Now that we have UFO and we reach our aim: protect us.
Thanks for all.