At last there is a definitive solution that is able to stop thieves physically.


UFO is an innovative secure system, it is completely made in Italy and it not only informs about the theft – like classic alarm system – but it also creates a real barrier for thieves not letting them to go in.


Why you should install UFO?

90% of the optical shops have a traditional system alarm and notwithstanding this, thefts occur in any case. The reason is so simple to explain: criminals know exactly how these systems work and that they are able only to inform about the ongoing theft (by sound or by telephone). In addition, thieves know that some interventions require more time as the one needed to complete the action (steal thousands of euros).

As a matter of fact, the theft lasts about one minute, while the police require at least 10 minutes.

Hence everyone needs UFO: a disposal that can act immediately in order to stop the thief and keep the shop safe until someone arrival.


How UFO works?

UFO is the first and unique safety and “mist-forming” device which is completely autonomous from the alarm device. Once you plug it in, you can check it though the remote control but also through the app on your Smartphone – that let you activate or deactivate it -.

If someone break in, UFO notice it thanks to its sensor and it starts to dispense a thick fog making the shop not practicable.


Does the fog soil?

Absolutely not.

The fog does not leave any remains, it is not toxic and it does not ruin any furniture. You have just to aerate the place and it will vanish without traces in more or less thirty minutes.


Does it really block thefts?

During 2017, UFO has blocked more than 90 thefts in Italy.

All the principle category’s association have approved UFO, taking out some convention in order to raise awareness of the occurrence of UFO.

Among the more active there is Federottica, which reserves a special insurance’s service for those associates that are going to choose UFO as a protector.


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Why do I need to install a security smoke system?

Why do I need to install a security smoke system? Good question! But I’d turn it around and ask?


We often make the classic mistake of thinking ‘That’ll never happen to me’.
Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, burglaries are on the rise: every day, at least 600 people are burgled when they certainly weren’t expecting it and hadn’t prepared for it.
If you think about it, I’m sure someone will come to mind that you know, a friend or a relative, who’s recently been burgled or even worse robbed.
It’s usually not easy to talk about a burglary and, in particular, what it does to your state of mind, partly because it’s incomprehensible unless you've experienced it first-hand.
Often if we’ve never been burgled, or if it’s been a long time since one happened, we tend to just think about the burglary from a financial perspective, especially at a business where we usually rely on insurance pay-outs (which in actual fact often only end up reimbursing part of the value of the stolen goods), without taking into account the psychological effect of the burglary.
Anyone who’s been burgled will surely understand me, coming back and finding everything upside down, all your memories and most precious objects thrown around by a stranger.
Someone’s rummaged through your drawers, wondered everywhere trouble-free, handling all your possessions in your bedroom and in your home in general.
And when they just rummage through your most precious objects, you can even think yourself lucky because they often don’t find large valuable objects - unfortunately many of us have little to steal at home nowadays - so they “take revenge” by vandalising your home, defecating on beds and sofas, destroying the only safe place you have left, completely taking away your privacy, making you feel that the house is no longer yours and that you no longer want to stay in that house!
furtoMany people have to move home after a burglary because they can no longer live there after the trauma of the burglary.

For businesses, it’s true that the psychological side is less heartfelt and the financial damage is greater, but we shouldn’t underestimate the psychological effect.
A friend of mine is an optician and he was sure about his alarm system since he had just installed an extremely high-tech surveillance system that would activate in the event of a burglary, independently sending images to the operations centre and to his phone. I clearly remember when he was on holiday in Apulia and one evening he got a call from the alarm system reporting a burglary. The system then did its job and activated the video cameras, but the problem was that the hope that it was a false alarm soon disappeared as he could see thieves inside his shop.
Picture the scene, he was there with phone in hand, powerless, watching these criminals rob his store!
I’ll just say that he was cursing those video cameras, he watched them as they treated his store and objects with such disdain that he tried to sell his business out of despair.
They obviously finished the burglary in 3 minutes, the longest three minutes of his life, and after about 5 minutes the guy from the surveillance company arrived and could do nothing else other than call the police.
Now imagine how powerless this optician was, seeing the burglary happen live without being able to do anything to stop them!
To make matters worse, it ruined his holiday because he had to return home to assess the damage and sort out his shop.
As usually happens, the stupid insurance company didn’t cover all the damage and only reimbursed part of it.


UFO security smoke system
UFO security smoke system in a tobacconist

antifurto nebbiogeno ufo in tabaccheria

Let’s just think a moment…
You’ll quite rightly have thought about defending yourself as best as possible, installing an alarm and video surveillance system, and I’d say one thing: GOOD JOB!
But just think about it...
The last time you heard an alarm, did you go and see what was happening, worried about a potential burglary in progress?
Or did you think it was the usual annoying false alarm? Unfortunately, given the excessive number of false alarms, an alarm no longer worries us and thieves know this to the extent that they continue with the burglary trouble-free, knowing that no one is coming to see what’s happening.
As you can imagine, video cameras just record the video but certainly don’t stop the burglary.
The great benefit of a traditional system just warns that a burglary is in progress through a phone dialler or, even better, a radio link.
The problem is that unless you live above your business or nearby, thieves have all the time they want to finish the burglary.
A burglary lasts 2 minutes (on average).
The response time from the police is 10 minutes (on average).
It’s clear that a warning is not enough: you need something that’ll keep the burglar out until the police arrive.
The answer’s here and it’s UFO!
UFO can create a real smoke screen in just a few seconds, which will prevent the burglar from breaking in and seeing anything!
The smoke is obviously non-toxic and leaves no residue whatsoever!
What about false alarms? Won’t the room be filled with smoke every time? The special feature of UFO is that since it’s self-installed, false alarms won’t happen as it’s not connected to an alarm system, rather it operates independently with its own sensor; all you’ll have to do is enable or disable it through the remote control provided and UFO will protect you as effectively as possible!!
Choose to defend yourself! NOW! Don’t wait until it’s too late!
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What UFO is and how it works

Want to know a secret?
[Even if you have a next-gen alarm system with a thousand sensors in every corner and video cameras like Big Brother... THE BURGLARS WILL STEAL ANYWAY!]

Go on...just think about it...what does this highly expensive, sophisticated system actually do to stop burglars?

Burglars were once scared of alarms but they are no longer a deterrent, so much so that burglars don’t even waste time trying to break them with foam or something similar as they used to do in the past. They simply ignore it, safe in the knowledge that everyone else will be ignoring it as well, mistaking it for just another false alarm.
BE CAREFUL! I’m not saying that alarm systems are useless, on the contrary! Alarm systems are very important, but as the name suggests, its job is to sound the alarm and not to prevent the burglary! Its objective, which it always performs very well, is to warn those responsible of the burglary in progress. The problem is that it is impossible to get there immediately and burglars therefore have 10-15 minutes to calmly do whatever they want.
You therefore need a device which can physically stop the burglar, which is not an alarm but a real ANTI-THEFT device.
UFO was developed due to this need to provide the perfect solution! In fact, UFO can release a very thick cloud of smoke in 10 seconds, creating a real screen and therefore preventing the burglar from seeing and doing anything. Unlike every other security smoke system on the market, UFO can also detect a break-in on its own, without needing to be connected to an alarm system since it is an alarm system in itself for all intents and purposes.
A traditional security smoke system is nothing other than an alarm which, rather than making a sound, releases a thick cloud of smoke but still needs to be connected to an alarm system which tells it when to shoot…
UFO, on the other hand, is based on innovative technology and can independently detect a burglary thanks to its sensor mounted onto the device. This means it’s separate from any other system and is SELF-INSTALLING.

[You are the one who installs UFO! Just plug it into the mains and you’re safe! Without any future installation or maintenance costs.]

How does UFO work?
UFO is controlled through a two-way remote control, which you use to enable/disable the device. So once you’ve left the premises and closed the door, all you simply do is activate your UFO system by pressing the button on the remote control and checking that the LED is flashing red. The remote control has a two-colour red/green LED light which indicates whether the device is enabled or disabled.
If someone now enters the area protected by your UFO system, the sensor will detect them and release a very thick cloud of smoke, preventing the burglar from breaking in.
Once you’re back, before opening the door, just press the button on the remote control, check that the LED is green and calmly enter.

How do I get a UFO system?
1. First of all, you need to choose the best place to position it, taking into account many different aspects and European regulations if it’s a public place. We therefore have expert consultants all over Italy who can provide completely free advice.
2. Once you’ve chosen the position, the model and any optionals with our consultant, all you have to do is order it and wait about a week for delivery.
3. When the package arrives, all that’s left to do is remove all the packaging, put the tank in, position it in the agreed place and plug it into the mains. UFO is now ready to protect you.


I often hear testimonies from people convinced that security smoke leaves oily residues. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for it to leave residues, but I’m sure that if the security smoke system (whichever brand it is) is properly calibrated, it will not leave any kind of residue!
You might have come across inexperienced staff who run a test with a security smoke system that leaves residues, or even worse, you or someone you know has installed a security smoke system that leaves residues when it releases smoke. The problem is not the security smoke system, but rather how it is used; I’ll try to explain briefly.
As we’ve said, smoke is generated by liquid passing through a high-temperature boiler. It is therefore obvious that the quality of the smoke will depend on the temperature of the boiler: the lower the temperature of the boiler, the more humid the smoke will be.
Of course, if the smoke is humid, it could leave residues.
As cold liquid passes through the boiler, the boiler inevitably tends to cool down. Consequently, the more liquid I pass through the boiler, the more likely it is that the boiler will decrease too much in temperature, failing to vaporise the liquid.
In conclusion, a security smoke system will be dirty if it’s the wrong size or if it releases smoke for too long or under non-optimal conditions. This happens when the consultant is inexperienced and incorrectly programmes the machine or buys the smallest model to save money which then must release smoke for too long to cover the room.
If you’re interested in buying a security smoke system, I’d only recommend contacting experts and don’t try to save money on security. You’ll see that you’ll have no problems with residues whatsoever!
We’ve created UFO to deal with this problem. It’s pre-set when it leaves the factory and cannot be altered so it’ll never leave any residue!
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