Why you should choose UFO

It will be possible to manage your own security, without foreign intervention.

UFO is an innovative and easy-to-use product that can protect the place that surrounded it, once it is fuelled. As a matter of fact, it could be easily moved in every moment by only plugging the plug.

Compared with traditional devices, UFO is completely independent avoiding installation and maintenance costs, invasive intervention and false alarms that are caused by wrong connections. So, thanks to UFO will be you who will control your safety.

UFO can be activated and deactivated through the remote control or by the UFO app for Android and IOS.

UFO has a volumetric detector with a double technology. Once activated, UFO starts to produce the fog when it notices someone getting in.

The backup battery guarantees the operation of UFO even in the event of disruption of electricity.

The fog is non-toxic for people and animals and it is made up of dietary glycol.

No, the fog does not leave any remains. You have just to aerate the place and it will vanish without traces in more or less thirty minutes.

UFO works with canisters that are able to make four shots in the model M, and once they are finished you only have to replace them.

If UFO will have any type of problem we are able to connect with it through the internet for a remote assistance. If we cannot solve the problem, the device will be replaced.

UFO has the capability to analyse itself even if in stand-by condition. If it has any problem, UFO will warn you by a led and acoustic signal and by a notification on the App.

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