Plug it in and the UFO fog security system will start protecting you, without any installation or maintenance costs required.

You can install or move the UFO system all by yourself.

UFO is a complete, independent security smoke anti-theft system that can detect and prevent break-ins without needing to be connected to an alarm system
It’s a plug & play device, so just decide where you want to place it, connect the plug to the mains and your UFO system is ready to go. All that’s left to do is enable or disable it with the remote control provided.

Perfect for shops, homes, offices or public premises

What is UFO?

UFO is a security smoke anti-theft system that can release a very thick cloud of smoke in just a few seconds which will stop thieves from seeing or stealing anything. A burglary lasts on average 3 minutes, but the response time from the police is decidedly longer, so you need to install a device that guarantees instant protection, which does not just sound the alarm but rather actively prevents the burglary.

The smoke

released by UFO is made from alcohol and glycol; it is certified and non-toxic for humans and animals.
Once the smoke has been released, just ventilate the room and it will dissolve in about half an hour without leaving a trace. The smoke is not humid, leaves no residue and will not ruin your furniture and electrical or electronic equipment.

The tank

containing the security smoke solution has been designed so that it can be replaced in just a few seconds thanks to the compartment inside the UFO device.

The sensor

fitted as standard has volumetric dual PIR and MW technology, which guarantees seamless functionality without any risk of interference, malfunctions or false alarms.

The remote control

is a two-way device for complete control.
Once enabled or disabled, UFO sends a signal to the remote control, confirming its status with the two-colour red/green LED light.

The adjustable nozzle

lets you direct the flow of security smoke in the desired direction.

The back-up battery

ensures that your UFO system is operational even during a power cut with up to 7 hours of life.

The anti-burglary kit

instantly releases smoke thanks to a special remote control with a single button.
The remote control can be placed wherever you like or kept in your pocket.
In the event of a burglary or attack, just press the button and UFO will fill the room with smoke, preventing the attacker from seeing and doing anything.

Telephone dialler

Your UFO can be fitted with a GSM telephone dialler: just put a normal phone SIM card into the device and UFO will send an SMS in the event of a break-in.
The dialler is very simple to use and can be set up directly by the user.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play: Self-installing UFO

UFO is the first and only self-installing security smoke anti-theft system.
This self-installing technology is based on end customers’ need to be able to manage their own security independently, without having to bring in outside help. We’ve developed an extremely innovative and simple product to use. Once it’s turned on, it can protect the room where it’s positioned and can be moved at any time by simply unplugging it from the mains.
UFO is completely independent compared with all traditional systems so there are no installation or maintenance costs, invasive work and false alarms caused by faulty connections.
At last, you can manage your UFO and your security with complete independence over installation and maintenance.





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