I often hear testimonies from people convinced that security smoke leaves oily residues. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for it to leave residues, but I’m sure that if the security smoke system (whichever brand it is) is properly calibrated, it will not leave any kind of residue!
You might have come across inexperienced staff who run a test with a security smoke system that leaves residues, or even worse, you or someone you know has installed a security smoke system that leaves residues when it releases smoke. The problem is not the security smoke system, but rather how it is used; I’ll try to explain briefly.
As we’ve said, smoke is generated by liquid passing through a high-temperature boiler. It is therefore obvious that the quality of the smoke will depend on the temperature of the boiler: the lower the temperature of the boiler, the more humid the smoke will be.
Of course, if the smoke is humid, it could leave residues.
As cold liquid passes through the boiler, the boiler inevitably tends to cool down. Consequently, the more liquid I pass through the boiler, the more likely it is that the boiler will decrease too much in temperature, failing to vaporise the liquid.
In conclusion, a security smoke system will be dirty if it’s the wrong size or if it releases smoke for too long or under non-optimal conditions. This happens when the consultant is inexperienced and incorrectly programmes the machine or buys the smallest model to save money which then must release smoke for too long to cover the room.
If you’re interested in buying a security smoke system, I’d only recommend contacting experts and don’t try to save money on security. You’ll see that you’ll have no problems with residues whatsoever!
We’ve created UFO to deal with this problem. It’s pre-set when it leaves the factory and cannot be altered so it’ll never leave any residue!
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