At last there is a definitive solution that is able to stop thieves physically.


UFO is an innovative secure system, it is completely made in Italy and it not only informs about the theft – like classic alarm system – but it also creates a real barrier for thieves not letting them to go in.


Why you should install UFO?

90% of the optical shops have a traditional system alarm and notwithstanding this, thefts occur in any case. The reason is so simple to explain: criminals know exactly how these systems work and that they are able only to inform about the ongoing theft (by sound or by telephone). In addition, thieves know that some interventions require more time as the one needed to complete the action (steal thousands of euros).

As a matter of fact, the theft lasts about one minute, while the police require at least 10 minutes.

Hence everyone needs UFO: a disposal that can act immediately in order to stop the thief and keep the shop safe until someone arrival.


How UFO works?

UFO is the first and unique safety and “mist-forming” device which is completely autonomous from the alarm device. Once you plug it in, you can check it though the remote control but also through the app on your Smartphone – that let you activate or deactivate it -.

If someone break in, UFO notice it thanks to its sensor and it starts to dispense a thick fog making the shop not practicable.


Does the fog soil?

Absolutely not.

The fog does not leave any remains, it is not toxic and it does not ruin any furniture. You have just to aerate the place and it will vanish without traces in more or less thirty minutes.


Does it really block thefts?

During 2017, UFO has blocked more than 90 thefts in Italy.

All the principle category’s association have approved UFO, taking out some convention in order to raise awareness of the occurrence of UFO.

Among the more active there is Federottica, which reserves a special insurance’s service for those associates that are going to choose UFO as a protector.


If you want to know more, come and visit us at pavilion number 3, stand V9.